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Simple Website Package

Perfect for smaller car detailers looking for a simple, but professional lookin website!

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Simple Website Package

Perfect for smaller car detailers looking for a simple, but professional lookin website!

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A digital personal assistant isn’t just a luxury anymore — it’s a necessity. That is what you get here at  CarShineOnline!

When we are building out your car detailing website, we make sure everything is tailored to your car detailing business! Our On-Site SEO is also specific to your business goals; we ensure that you can grow in your city through your website!

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Custom Website

Your Personal Developer

When you sign on with CarShineOnline, someone on our team is dedicated to your needs and you will have direct contact with them! 

Customized Website

We will work with you to make the perfect website that suits your business! 

Car Detailing Website Design on Laptop and Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

Websites are essential to every business! Your website gives an accurate representation of your business, which is why it is crucial that you have a custom design tailored to your business!

How much is this really going to cost me?

We are very transparent with our pricing, there is NO START-UP COST!! We charge our monthly fee and that’s it! 

How long until my website is up and running?

On average it only takes around 8-9  days to get your website ready for review. Once we review and make any necessary changes (1-2 days), your website will be ready to go! 

What is SEO? Is it worth it?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, boosts your Google ranking, ensuring more visibility. This increased exposure translates to higher website traffic, leading to increased sales as more people discover your business on Google. It’s a worthwhile investment for business growth.

What if I need to make website updates?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. All of our website packages allow you to call/text your web developer and ask for updates whenever you need! 1-2 day turnaround time unless it’s URGENT! 

How do you ensure website security?

We implement security best practices, such as SSL certificates, regular updates, and robust password protocols, to safeguard your website from potential threats.

Book a Free Consultation Today!

Here at CarShineOnline, we offer Free Consultations! When you book a call, someone from our team will analyze your business and see where there could be major growth potential. Let’s scale your car detailing business today, schedule a time or call now! 

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